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Word to the wise

Yoga language

Word to the wise

Yoga and pose names are often taught in Sanskrit. That's great if you speak the language but really confusing if you don't! Because we love you and want you to get the most out of your time on the mat with us, we have broken down a few terms you will hear in our classes. You will here these terms in our classes and some are universal... some of them are purely Spirit Rising and they are all right here in one handy dandy place.

Ever feel like you were not part of the group becuase they were talking about somehting you didnt quite understand? We have too. So we created this library of terms, both universal yoga and Spirit Rising specific, for you get up to speed. Word to the wise, it is an organic library that will contine to grow and change.

If you hear something in the studio that you want to know more about, just let us know!

  • Asana: the physical pose pose or shape you take on the mat
  • Deeper version: only needed if you don't feel anything where you are, a more challenging place
  • Jai Ma: a claiming and declaring of celebration, YES!
  • Namaste: the divine spirit in me acknowledges and respects the divine spark within you
  • Pranayama: the breathing pattern and practices
  • Pose: also called asana. The physical movement, body form or physical practice of yoga
  • Shaman: Person who channels energy for energy healing, a midwife to miracles
  • Sahaja: Moving with out perceived direction, spontaneous flowing or moving
  • Shamanisim: the most ancient form of healing
  • Spirit: G-d, Goddess, universal oneness, the all that is, the one that has 1,000 names and is nameless, The thing that moves all things.
  • Wahey: Sweet!
  • Yoga: yoking or uniting. Not just the asana, but the whole thing. body mind and spirit
  • Yoga Sutras: the written "book" and instruction of the yogic practice

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