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Patti from Brighton MI

I so respect and admire my yoga teacher, Stacey. She is an incredibly gifted teacher, spiritual guide and an amazing person. She shares her passion for yoga, auryvedic medicine, shamanism and energy medicine generously in each class without ever pushing. She is empathic and leads class at a number of levels simultaneously – teaching students about our physical and energy bodies, how to open to the wisdom we have within so that we can love and care for ourselves at increasingly deep levels. From the first moment I entered the studio 2 years ago, I knew I had found a new home. She’s created a space that is loving, peaceful and filled with the most wonderful energy. She begins each class asking students what we want to work on – and accepts anything from a body part to a chakra or meridian to more generally, grounding or increased energy. She creates the class on the spot and offers easy to understand directions. She is always encouraging and accepting. My favorite part of class is the spiritual lesson she weaves into practice – she always seems to be spot on with her story, seemingly reading my mind and heart and giving me exactly what I need in the moment. Practice with Stacey is a spiritual experience. She is constantly learning more herself and uses her learning to deepen the practice she offers to students. She is loving and humble while being honest, funny and real; she is fun to be around and I love to go to her classes – I look forward to them, which has never happened to me before. She is a beautiful example of following her own path - always doing her own work and using her own learning to offer us many opportunities to learn for ourselves. She’s created and is leading an open, free flowing and loving community in her studio. I am a truly changed person from taking advantage of the opportunities and learning she’s provided. I’m pretty experienced is personal and spiritual growth, but Stacey has guided me into a more beautiful relationship with myself, my body, while simultaneously helping me open my heart at a deeper level. She is a brilliant teacher and guide and offers a perfect example of living your dharma.

Anonymous 4/11/2014

My first visit was for a private session with Stacey. I found the studio to be warm and inviting. I felt completely comfortable and at ease during my session, and Stacey explained everything as she went along. It's clear that she is quite knowledgeable, and that she has a passion for teaching and helping others. I look forward to working with her again.

Anonymous 4/8/2014

An amazing way to start my day! Spirit Rising provides a comfortable, welcoming and non-intimidating environment to all who walk through the door.

Anonymous 4/1/2014

Deanna led our class this evening. I could hear her instructions clearly and they were easy to follow. The class had a nice flow and was soothing and relaxing. I felt I had an excellent stretch afterwards. This was my first class at spirit rising. I am looking forward to trying more classes, as well as taking this one with Deanna again!

Anonymous 3/19/2014

This was my first time ever taking a yoga class and I loved it! I did the gentle yoga class and boy did I feel relaxed afterwards. I enjoyed it so much I've already purchased a 6 class package and I'm considering taking a private lesson since I'm new to the practice.

Mike B. 3/19/2014

Well run and great service Mike Bilbrey

Jennifer S. 3/16/2014

Love Stacey, love the class, love the facility! Can't wait to go back!

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