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Prana Vinyasa Yoga

75 Minute Class

Prana Vinyasa Yoga in Cottonwood Arizona

The body has a certain intelligence to its movements... using this organic nature in a flowing practice to cultivate powerful grace.

Vinyasa can be a fast moving practice. Linking breath with movement, we cultivate the awareness of how the body moves with breath. Vinyasa is a great cardio class building strength and balance. Arm balances, flowing, challenging fun. Vinyasa can definitely be an intense practice, but Spirit Rising Yoga is accessible to just about anyone.

Each class unfolds a new practice - Class is never the same thing twice as we find new places and spaces each time we come to the mat (just like each day brings).

Classes are warm, but not heated, allowing you to heat form breath and movement. Heating from the inside allows practice to truly be healing and safe. Using bandhas and ujjay breath will create a powerful souce of internal heat.

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Spirit Rising Yoga is a unique type of yoga, one that needs to be experienced by anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to Spirit. Bridging the shaky gap between Spirit and Self with awareness, energy, and fun.

Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga teacher training is at your pace!  Modules will be available all year - take them as slow or fast as your life determines.  Follow this link to find out more and contact us to get started in this life changing program.

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