What is a healing service?

Healing can mean many things to many people.  It literally means to make whole and is the process of the restoring health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism.  Healing may be psychological or physiological, physical or energetic.  It might be an instantaneous “ahhhh” or a deeper experience over time of changing the structure and composition of the body.

Healing does not always completely remove an illness or disease.  But it does bring wholeness back to the mind and spirit.  To be whole, one needs to have body, mind and spirit in alignment of peace.  Everything we are is energy.  There is nothing, anywhere, that is not pure energy.  Healing is a matter of getting the core of the self, the spirit, whole. Once the core of our energy is whole, then the body responds to the wholeness rather then the hole of the dis-ease. 

Services Offered

Healing appointments nowavailable in Green Valley at the Continental Spa . Call to set up your appointments - available on Monday's and Tuesday's and by request any other days.

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