Take care of your body, its the only true home you have.

Healing Sessions

Each session is 60 minutes and can be 90 minutes  (additional cost)
    $100- Private Yoga lesson (up to 2 people)
    $100- Cranial Sacral Therapy
    $100- Reiki with Energy Balancing
    $100- Trauma and Drama Release
    $120- Thai Massage with Total Body Balancing

Buy any 2 sessions and receive 20% off!

On Line Distance Sessions

Online availability for Yoga or Coaching session.

    $55 - Private yoga lesson
    $65 - Shamanic Session
    $50 - Mentoring Single Session
    $160 - Mentoring 4 package

* Yoga sessions need video, Skype or Facetime. Shamanic and Energy sessions can use phone or video.

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